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Disability Culture

"Special" Needs: How We Label What Should be Ordinary

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I would like to examine Petra Kuppers' thoughts regarding how we define ourselves and one another. In the Introduction to "Disability Culture and Community Performance," she writes: "We live in tension and in love with (these) labels, and carve out space for our creativity where we can" (Kuppers, 7). In the texts, movies, and people that we have encountered thus far in our course, we have come across artists who prefer to be referred to as “disabled artists,” and others who like being known as simply “artists,” with the marker of disability playing a secondary role.

Week Nine: Disability Culture

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Week Nine: Disability Culture 

Breaking News: Chris Lopes, actor (and Lindsey's brother) will visit our class, show us an 8-minute film, talk about his experience as an actor, and join our conversation.

Reading: Petra Kuppers, Introduction to Disability Culture and Community Performance: Find a Strange and Twisted Shape (ebook via Tripod)

Let's ask, along with Petra: "What is disability culture? Is there one, are there many? Who calls culture into being?"

Viewing: Simi Linton and Christian von Tippelskirch, documentary film Invitation to Dance (copies at BMC, HC, and SC)