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Serendip: Brilliant Imperfection

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Clare describes a lot of his throughts on disability justice's limitations and the yearnign for cures, stating "The desire for cure, for the restoration of health, is connected to loss and yearning. What we remember about our body-minds in the past seduces us. We wish. We mourn. We make deals. We desire to return to the days before immobilizing exhaustion or impending death, to the nights thirty years ago when we spun across the dance floor". I think he makes such a interesting case on the nuanced relationship between desiring a cure for disability and the experience of having lived an able-bodied life. He suggests that the desire for a cure may never be percieved from individuals who have never experienced able-bodiedness, highlighting the perspective that diabled people should exist and ablistic narratives shouldn't be coined as "disability justice". Diability isn't a problem that needs to be fixed or eradicated, rather accepted and celebrated of diverse body-minds. The absence of an able-bodied experience doesn't diminish the worth or richness of one's life. I appreciate how Claire advoated for the "brilliant imperfection" of disabled lives.