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Crip Camp Serendip (4/2/24)

smukhtar's picture

I think what Crip Camp so beautifully illustrates about disability community is the freedom and liberation it brings about being unapologetic. From these communities, we see uprising and revolutions because diabled people are able to existing without the judgement and discrimination of society, and this is so uplifting. Not only this, but a space solely for disabled bodies brought about this strong sense of inclusion which lead to access intimacy, allowing these young people to have new fulfilling experiences. Although this camp was not goal oriented, aactivism arose by the inspiration that brewed within the community. It is great to see how the unifying of communities can be so impactful, and it makes sense why communities the Black Panthers were tactfully separated to break this bond of unity. The isolation component allowed everyone to know how a world of disability justice should be.