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Notes from Tuesday 3/21

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What these types of programs look like? Progressive art studios? Day centers? 

Goal with Artists: 

Learn about the artist, their artwork style and practice, 


Description of artwork and practice-”wall text”

Choosing art pieces

People who cant make it 

→ Access 

→ voice overs 

→ process/ be a part of it 

Ways to feature artists

→ conversation / interview

→ artist speaking and recording 


Some time to work in class on access materials eg. 

→ Balance course work adnd CCW work 


Susan Nuessman 

Susan Nussbaum


1998, acrylic on panel, 16" x 26"

Susan Nussbaum is a writer, actress, director, and disability rights activist who has starred in, written and/or directed productions at the Goodman, Victory Gardens, Blue Rider and other major venues. Her first novel, Good Kings, Bad Kings, won the Pen Bellwether Prize in 2013; Nussbaum’s plays and essays have been featured in numerous anthologies, including No Beyond Victims and Villains: Contemporary Plays by Disabled Playwrights. Nussbaum lives in Chicago, IL.

Response to Book 


Michelles view → change in view of access and disability 



  • Closest to getting out 

  • Beverly→ closest to being a good mentor, but still working in system and therefore can be a part of its failing 

    • Capitalism, overworked, 

    • Relates to Mcbride Johnson→ careworkers are mandated and cant act the way they want to 

  • Catalyst for action


  • Want to ignore the challenges and hard facts of what is occurring 

  • Denial of seeing Cheri in the other hospital→ creation of this 

  • Seeing the death… putting it into words

    • Describing these feelings 



  • Escapes but gets her power taken away from her 


Ending of Book 

  • Jimmy waiting for her 

  • Trying to make a hopeful situation 


Joanne has authors voice 


Funny and joyful

  • Mistakes and joyful

  • Dont have to be perfect to be treated well


Videos and articles 


Main Ideas 



Independent Living Movement / Freedom

Interdependence + Resistance 

Housing and Disability 

Disability and sexuality / parallel life


System: capitalism institutionalization 



Care→ dont need degrees, 

Visuals→ to listening to stories 

Expand ways we experience the artwork and exhibition 


Pg 200 

→ System works, while individuals make decisions 

→ can they make a difference in the system 

→ all operating in these systems 


Calling attention to both individuals as well as the system as a whole 

Examples of how things interconnect