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Notes from 3/23

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→ accessibility though zoom? 

→ Who is able to be there? How to hear? 


→ Housing accommodations 

How you getting about them. Who has them / has the right to them? 

Mental health accommodations for housing? 

What the office is supposed to represent? Haverford vs. ADA? 

Culture of accommodations at Haverford? 

How people are spoken to in response to accommodations? 


M. Carey Thompson- Second president of Bryn Mawr/ Eugenist removing from name of library


Two exhibitions upcoming 

→ Day passes to city 

→ Institute for Contemporary art: dance, access, accessibility 

→ Up through July 


Life: Penhurst, Art Street Meeting House 


Color Life: How talk about accessibility


Intentionality of art 


To work outside if not able to come: Talk with group members


Progressive Art Studios 


Radical connection to the world→ opens art to people who are traditionally not seen as “artists” 

→ give access to instruction if wanted 

“Naivism” and outside artists→ No traditional artist training 

→ not recognizing where art is coming from 

Adolf Wolfli “


How art is viewed historically vs. modern 


Investment of time: valued as time 

→ Medicaid will support


Open artspace, community, sections to work separately

Gallery and Sales element→ working, marketing art, artists involved with sale 


What makes marketable? 

→ unique, valuable, 

Marketing work