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Notes from 3/14/2023

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→ Field Trips! What was amazing and surprising about visiting CCW? 

→ Whats to come? 

→ Final Project

→ descriptive story of the art show at the end of the semester 

→ How to make it accessible

Question: How long do you have to be free?? 

→ 1:30 to go there for about an hour 

Field Trip to Haverford: tour guides 

Responses! Keep them up!--> Posting continues throughout the week 

→ Kristen will send responses via email over time 

Rewriting the old disability script 

→ Portrayal of disability: In grotesque scary ways, as something to be afraid of 

→ horror movies, Halloween, GooseBumps 

Task: Come up with fictional characters, List 

→ Mysterious Benedicts Society

→ Brave New World 

→ Game of Thorns 

→ Lord of the Rings 


→ Greys Anatomy 

Who is considered disabled and not disabled? 

BAD example? 

Mad Eye Moody from Harry potter

Passed with Flying colors??

→ The Sound of Metal

→ Glee, nuance 

→ Sesame street

→ how to train your dragon 

→ X-man 


Who is involved with the production and writing? 

How is disability and the disabled character portrayed? In a negative or positive light? 

What defines a cure and what defines a cure mentality? 

Other Examples

Alone in the Mainstream, by deaf author 


Role of non-disabled actors winning awards on being disabled characters

How to portray diverse array of disability with such narrow spectrum that is being shown. 

→ How to talk about pain, loneliness without adding to assumptions that people already make about disability 


What do stories look like? 

→ Disabled character in My little pony


Another example is Modeling industry / Fashion role 

→ Who is and the intent of this? 

→ realm of PR and using disabled people to look good 

→ Using models of different sizes and experiences 


Want characters of bad and good characters? Want full range of disability

→ Need multiple axesses of difference 

Good Kings, Bad Kings 


​​→ Love Yessenia 

→ Author based on experiences and spending time together

→ Linking incarceration with nursing home 

→ Michelle with providing another perspective 

How does different perspectives fit together? How do voices fit together? 

→ Characters meeting one another

→ talking through all perspectives, enjoy all of the aspects of them

Setting→ makes it easier to include multiple disabled characters

→ How setting changes voices 

→ Makes sense of change in character

When Reading 

→ thematic goals 

→ characters use