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Notes from 2/21

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Group Notes 


→ Independence is tied to accessibility 

→ Can lead to challenges in getting to places 

→ Physical barriers improving them and improving signage 


→ Division between physical and mental disabilities

→ Mental disabilities harder to diagnose, certify eg. 


Improvements in Academia 


Current Barrier

New Ideas

→ Introductory courses and jargon in those courses

→ Have more senior professors co-teach with new professors 

→ Lack of training in teaching in graduate school 

→ Continual education on teaching improvement 

→ Student input in courses and teaching 

Ex. SALT, Teaching Learning A  

:: Professors have to opt in 

→ Attendance policies 

→ Mandatory TA sessions 

→ Teaching materials outside of classroom, videos

→ Making coursework useful but needed 

→ Listening to videos 

→ recording lectures

→ How much work is required: credits, and understanding workload 

→ Credit for outside of class work

*Belonging and Becoming at Haverford: Given credit for work done in improving DEI 

→ Not given work/ credit/ pass  

→ What do participation, “good student” eg. mean

→ Challenge working ideas of what being 

→ Lived experience count as credit

→ Work outside academia 

→ Life work credit, changing ideas of what is considered valuable in academia 

→ Experience focused on in workforce

→ Making Customs more accessible