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Midterm - The Effect of COVID-19 on the Disability Community Timeline

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Hello! My project is meant to be a PowerPoint Presentation. So, if able, put it in presentation mode to get the full experience. I hope you like it!

Disabilities Midterm Project.pptx


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I really appreciate this project! I don't think I've ever seen a timeline of the pandemic laid out like this, especially with a center on disability. Given that it's been almost exactly three years since US shutdowns, I've been thinking about the pandemic's relationship to time a lot more, and this gave me even more to think about. There were a few points that I really appreciated and hadn't heard before: long COVID being considered a disability under the ADA, and the Najavo nation's response to the pandemic. 

I was really curious in learning more about the Najavo nation's response to the pandemic, and did research on the "Protect the Sacred" movement. The movement seems to prioritize storytelling, protecting languages, and medicine as a way of responding to the pandemic and strengthening communities dealing with COVID-19. I want to do further research on this response to the pandemic, as it seems to center disabled people. 

This timeline gave me lots to research and I think you did a really wonderful job!