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Final Project with SW + PSH

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I was really interested in your project because of the many conversations we've had in class in terms of party spaces and accesibility. Even before reading it, I've been thinking alot about Haverford event spaces and especially paying attention to accesibility in terms of these event spaces. I think your point on the first page about providing a seperate space for disabled students is moving and very powerful. I think overall this is excellent work! It is so well thought through and that's evident from the amount of detail present in every part of your proposal! I was wondering what the plan is in terms of next steps, plenary resolutions, forming a club? No matter what I think this is an excellent idea and is definitely needed on Haverford's campus. Additionally, I think that once the committee is formed it should definitely reach out to facilities. They might be able to help in terms of making party spaces more accessible in a location sense through installing ramps and other things. In my experience they've been very happy to listen and could potentially provide some help in this regard!