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Final Project - Psychiatric Wards

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Hi everyone!

My final project was a website that includes the overview, Know Your Rights infographics, a collage, reflection, and some history. You can navigate through these sections on the upper left of the website. I'm including the PDF of the infographics here (in case it is easier to see). 

I'm trying to brainstorm ways to use and send my project to people - perhaps to CAPS or other campus organizations that can give the infographic to students who have friends/families in psychiatric wards or who are going to the ward themselves. Let me know if you have any ideas!






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Hi Brisa,
This was an incredibly moving project. I appreciated the unique layout of the website and all the visual elements you incorporated into your project. Learning about your experiences was incredibly touching, and provided a meaningful frame of reference for the rest of the information you shared. I think the infographics on the website are incredibly helpful and are a fantastic resource to have on hand. Thank you for sharing this information with us!