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Final Project! Magnifying the Voices of Disabled Scientists and Reimagining an Inclusive Scientific Field

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Hello everyone! 

I am excited to share my final project with you. It is again a flipbook with an added article (with the same content) if that is easier to view. 

The link to the flipbook can be found here:

The link to the article can be found here:

I also included it as a PDF if that is easier for you to view. 

I hope you enjoy!

PDF icon Science and Disability4.pdf10.9 MB


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Hi Maisie, I really enjoyed reading your final project! It was so cool to learn about Dr. Emily Ackerman and Dr. Amy Bower and all the ways they've advanced the field not just scientifically but also in terms of increasing accessbility and inclusivity. In particular, I was really intrigued by your description of Dr. Bower's work on "data sonification." I looked up the Accessible Oceans project website where they have some really cool examples of data sonification/mapping, such as a musical mapping of the flux of CO2 between ocean and atmosphere with piano notes.

I'm not a STEM person, so I don't have much STEM knowledge, but I was still able to understand your article, including some of the more technical parts, which I really appreciate! I didn't realize how much of the science culture revolves around "proving" your dedication to the field by committing all of your time/energy to working. The quote you included from Dr. Ackerman about not being able to do the science "if your body's not there" is a really important one. I also think it's great that you concluded the article/flipbook by outlining methods to make science and labs more accessible, and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of accessible science tools.

Also, did you stylize the images of Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Bower yourself? They look really cool!