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Dance and reframing accessibility

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I really enjoyed learning more about Alice Sheppard this week and about dance. Society often focuses on the need to fix disability and the challenges associated with disability and it was awesome to see disability in the light of performance and beauty. I also think it provides another great example of how disability expands and adds to traditional ways of doing things. For example, with the inclusion of multi-sensory ways to explore and be a part of the performance. Additionally, by creating these additional ways to experience a performance it also focuses on making a space and community where people can come as they are and are uplifted and accepted instead of having peoples needs being seen as secondary. 

Finally, when thinking about making our exhibition accessible I think that Sheppard's work provides a really good framework. By focusing on ways that everyone can experience the exhibition this will make sure that it is open to everyone and will enhance the overall exhibit. This also connects to the Carolyn Lazard's piece which both explains the importance of expanding what accessibility means and examples of how the arts can do this. I hope that these methods will become more main stream.  I am so excited to work with you all to do this!