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CCW Participation Reflection

Sarah W-J's picture

I am so incredibly grateful for the partnership our class had with CCW this semester. Though I was only able to go once, I had a fantastic time getting to know my artists as well as other artists working in the studio. Everyone there was just so incredibly kind, and their passion for their art and showing me their art brought me so much joy. Though Ron Thompson was not my artist, his kindness in approaching me and showing his pieces when I came to the studio is something I vividly remember. Creating our exhibition at Haverford was also really special to me. I have never curated an art exhibit before, so seeing myself and my classmate's names on this huge plaque in the library near our exhibition felt so surreal; I felt so proud of us for creating such a fantastic exhibit, and for putting so much work into all of the access feautres within it. I'm especially glad that myself, Maya, Celia and others helped to curate the quiet room. With dimmed lighting, headphones, water, tissues, extra masks, and blankets, we were able to make a comfortable spot if anyone needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the exhibit. 


Watching as the artists explained their works to their family and friends, Haverford students, and some of my own family and friends made me so glad that we were able to host such an incredible exhibition. You could truly see and understand all of their artists passion as they talked to visitors, explained their work, and the inspiration behind it. I was so glad that my friends were able to come and see the pieces, and I feel really lucky our class was able to have the opportunity to work with CCW. I would defintely want to visit and work with CCW again someday!