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ASL in the news

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I just came across this article and I felt like it discussed a lot of similar topics from our class earlier this week!
The Hawai’i state legislature is moving towards passing a bill that would recognize American Sign Language (ASL) as “a distinct language with its own rules, structure,
and cultural heritage.” It was interesting to read about how there are ASL gestures unique to Hawai’i, such as words for popular foods like poi and lau lau. In Hawai’i there is also Hawaiian Sign Language, which is used by around 40 indigenous Hawaiians. The authors stress the need for more ASL interpreters that know the regional dialect, stating that “even if you have a mainland interpreter who's well versed in the medical vernacular and how a patient appointment typically goes, those specialties of what makes Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi, there's no way you can get someone to do, again, what we call a faithful rendering of the message."
    Curious to hear if anyone has thoughts on this article!

Here is a list of how ASL has been recognized in each state in case you’re interested: