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CCW Art Ideas 

→ Double sided? Difficulties in space?: Owen 

→ Size // Limitation? 



→ MP3 players


Next Thursday: Just CCW in class and in following week 

→ Bio need to be finished by next week 


→ Description will be written together 


Exhibit open May 1st maybe 


Final project= same length as midterms, or build off of it 

Description→ visual description of what it looks like 

Deaf Culture 

*There is not one way to be deaf. 


d vs. D 

d= physical state of hearing loss/ deaf gain 

D= Part of signing Deaf community 

Oral deaf→

Hard of hearing→ very wide group, aging, 

CODA→ child of deaf adults, bilingual in sign language as original language 

Deaf blind→ cannot participate in visual culture of deaf community 


Sign language→ way of signing 

→ dance, rhyme, communicating, performance, 

→ long tradition of poetry, story telling, theater

How poetry is defined, literature definition is to small→ artform more broadly 


ASL: the bodiness of it 


Deaf names, movement within one self 


Word signing 


Children→ Learning sign as child 

→ promote idea of simple / language 


Sign in schools 

→ in high school and college


How does interpreting? 


Talk next Thursday about signs of disability 

Deaf→ Some people consider not a part of disability, different language and culture 

Some think important to form coalition



What are films communicating to a hearing person? What does it tell about the community? 

Enable Add

→ notice silence, figure out why silent is different

→ Exploitative property of using deafness

→ Includes in group deaf group 

→ Captioning, singing hands get cut off 


→ Poetry Slam

→ Audience not knowing what is going on, as the sound cuts out

Sound of metal

→ Using sound and silence to bring into Reubens experience 

→ Sound cuts out when cochlear is removed 

→ Meal scenes, not paying attention to what is happening as cannot communicate at that point while at end he is communicating 


→ No effort to make initial part clear to audience, point of view of him, isolation 

→ First hear sound in his head, the way the world expands through adding sound 

→ Sound of metal= opening scene 

→ Paris includes sounds that are overwhelming, takes cochlear implants off to be there


→ Explored sound through cochlear implants 

→ CI dont cure deafness

→ How cochlear implants create new way to hear, not the same as hearing 



→ translating, interpreting deaf world with hearing world  

→ impactful in young persons life 

→ Where are the interpreters? 

→ Being made fun of for having parents with a disability 

Opposes Deaf world to music 

-> Trope we need to question 

→ teaching music to kids, parents, Juxtaposed with music 


Promote insular community 

→ Implications of insularness 


→ Film: how they view with addiction