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Who is to blame?

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I enjoyed the article by Harriet McBryde Johnson because it demonstrated the debate that people with disability constantly have. The article reflected both sides of the debate. Professor Singer argued that, "But what about the caregiver, a woman typically, who is forced to provide all this service to a family member, unable to work, unable to have a life of her own?" and Johnson refutes with that it should not be like that and it is not the way it has to be. She states, "As a society, we should pay workers to provide that care, in the home...That woman shouldn't be forced to do it, any more than my family should be forced to do my care." I found this very true because Singer tries to argue that a mother should not be forced to provide her entire life to a family member with a disability. This is slightly true. A person should not have to go through financial bankruptcy because of the expensive hospital bills. Nor should a person feel as if they are struggling to provide the best quality of care to their family member. Therefore, the solution is not to terminate the life of a child with a disability but instead the government needs to create more resources to make it easier for an indviduals who is a caregiver as well as the individual receiving the care. There needs to be a change and if Professor Singer would like to blame someone he should take a look at the government.