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Thoughts about CODA and its translated title

Jenny Jiang's picture

I feel so happy that CODA won prizes on Oscar, it is such a milestoe the community about representation and deepening the public's attention in thsi subject that sometimes go underrecognized in conversations and in daily scenarios where accomedations are much needed. I think winning the prize definitely increased discussion and reflections in my culture (Chinese) too.

One note I had is for the translated version of CODA, being named jian (healthy) ting (listening) nvhai (girl). CODA offered us a snapshot of the struggles and communication between children and parents in a mixed model (not all deaf or all hearing). But the Chinese Title extracts the features and condensed it into gender and hearing loss. Just want to be mindful how the essence of message can be distorted/lost in the process of translation (which is unavoidable). I am very privileged to have English as a second language on hand to compare how different cultures value the same topic in various aspects.

Also the speech he gave on stage is phenomenal. Thourgh these two week's immersion of deaf culture and how they perceive the vigor of world with all passion and acuteness, I definitely have a better understanding and feel closer to the community.