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Reflection on Strange, twisted shape reading

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The reading is inspiring in many ways. I always think of dance performance as being chreographed and delicately designed to fit the taste of the audience. But besides from the dances we are used to on Telly or big stages, simply manipulating our bodies and experiment the possibilities (shapes that could be created and broken down) also shows us the immense charisma that dancing arouses. 

A quote that stood out to me is that disability culture is not static, not a word but a process. The author recognizes that in order for such culture to thrive is to provide space for growth and development, and that rules can change accordingly to become more inclusive, appropriate. This article fits well with the video assigned for this week, in which a character dances with her wheelchair and delivering just as powerful dynamic and charisma. 

The fact that accidents (blood and injury) is prepared and expected in dance class is enlightening to me, as previously would I not associate such physical injury in a harmonious movement like dances. But just as normal they developed a unique coping mechanism, in which the next day the dance is not disrupted. It is fascinating how they carried their spirit of life (always encountering problems, like inaccessible facilities and infrastructure) into an art form in which they have more autonomy to express their thoughts, attitudes, and passion about movements in an aethetic form.