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Maddy Blaha midterm: Freak Shows and Circuses in Past and Present

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Hi everyone! My project is in the form of a google doc here:

It should be able to be viewed by anyone with the link! (hopefully it works lol)


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This is a beautiful presentation of really interesting research! Even though I had already read a fair amount about the history of freak shows and similar phenomena, I felt like I learned a great deal.

While I was more inclined to read your project straight through than to click around, I really appreciated your internal reference system as an accessibility and research feature. You have a lot of great information, and linking relevant pieces to one another could be very helpful for someone looking to read about a particular subtopic for whom reading a "wall of text" or skimming is difficult. Not that you made a wall of text—you also did an excellent job breaking it down into accessible pieces with topic headings, short paragraphs, and pictures. It was a very quick and interesting read, while still teaching a lot of material, and would be a great teaching tool!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource!