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Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center: Mid-Semester Project

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Hello everyone!

Here is the link to the website I made for my mid-semester project!


I'm really looking forward to exploring everyone else's projects this week!




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I really enjoyed reading through the website you created! Although I was not previously familiar with the HVPC, I liked how you utilized imagery and stories to examine not just this specific institution, but of the phenomenon of mass institutionalizartion on a larger scale. I thought that the way you opened with a discussion your thought process and discovery of the HVPC, rather than just lauching into an academic discussion right out of the gate, did a lot to command attention and pull readers into your project. Your investigation of both the past and future of the HVPC was incredibly thorough, and I found the whole story of the HVPC's near acquistion by Olivet University to be interesting in a super bizarre way.

I also really enjoyed your analysis of horror narrative that so often surrounds mental institutions, and how the focus on them as creepy, haunted locations disreespects the legacy of human suffering and exploitation that took place in these asylums.