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Free Accessibility Devices in PA

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Hey guys, I ran across this organization “TechOWL PA” (run through Temple University and funded by PA's Initiative on Assistive Technology) that is doing some awesome work that I think some people in this class might be interested in! They offer a variety of different programs and services for disabled people in Pennsylvania, a majority of which are free. They have a recycling program for used accessibility devices, and also make/3D print a range of accessibility devices that you can get at no cost if you live in PA. They have a list here of some different devices that they can 3D print and send to you for free, and they will also design other items at request if you need something they don’t offer. They also have a tiktok account where they showcase how different accessibility devices can be used. 

Here is a directory of similar services offered by other states, if you know someone who might benefit from this who doesn't live in PA.