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Final Project! subScript (a speech-to-text website)

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When I set out to begin this project, my vision for it looked a lot different. I was hoping to have an iPhone app that would continuously convert speech to text, from which I could build a more creative/nuanced version of sound recognition using a practice similar to Christine Sun Kim. However, it was finals week so all those plans changed. For now, my app is being housed on a website with much worse graphics than I had originally hoped for. But maybe I will continue working on this project to create a more nuanced, disability-studies focused version. I am definitely hoping to continue learning about this area and making my site more accessible.

In any case, here it is!

I also wanted to thank y'all (especially Kristin!) for a wonderful semester. I really feel that this course and the community around it have been incredibly impactful for me and I hope to continue using and building a disability studies framework as I go through life. <3


More info on the website and the machine learning software used for anyone interested:

ML software: WebSpeech by Mozilla

Very helpful guide for publishing websites with ML: FreeCodeCamp

Website published through Github pages

See my source code here!


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I forgot to mention the website unfortunately only works on Google Chrome right now because of limitations with the machine learning software I used.