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Collaboration with CCW and Accessibility in Art

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Working in tandem with CCW and their artists, as well as collectively as a class, has really put into perspective the ways in which we can make art accessible to the largest population of people. Not only do we have to make the consumption of art accessible in how we present it and the spaces it inhabits, but we also have to make the production and creation of art accessible in the ways that creative spaces like CCW have. Art is not only often expensive to create, but it can be labor intensive or physically taxing, as well as highly criticized. It was refreshing to be able to observe and curate work that is unlike work I have ever seen, and was created in such a supportive and unique environment. I think about it in contrast to my end of semester show(s) for the Fine Arts program here at Haverford, and how I spent 2 hours on a ladder hammering nails into a wall and hanging work which some people won't be able to properly enjoy due to the height it's hung, the lack of image descriptions or titles, and further no other alternative forms of consumption (auditory or otherwise). This is assuming they can find their way to the space and physically navigate it. This process will always be imperfect due to conflicting access needs, however it has been really wonderful to be able to actively engage with the task of setting up an accessible exhibition, as well as see and create more accessible art as a result of this class. As always, a pleasure :) thanks for a wonderful semester!