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Response on Disability Culture

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I think disability culture doesn't have a strict defintion. It's expanding upon the culture that exists in a way that is accepting and incorperating to disabled indvidiuals. As Kuppers puts it, "more like a verb than a noun, more like a process than a state." Furthermore, disability culture does not necessarily have to be something exlucively with an agenda. However, it's more so the acceptance of differences as a part of human variance rather than something that has to be sad, depressing, or unwanted. As Kuppers talks about the interaction between dance and disability, the author describes what could be called access intimacy, not through triumph or overcoming, but simply doing what one loves and being able to express oneself as a disabled person. It is a shared experience whereby all individuals, regardless of disability or difference, are able to participate and there is no "right way" to participate in culture or the arts. Although disabled people are often a part of disability culture, I think everyone can take part in disability culture, since it's centered around an ideology and acceptance rather than a distinct barrier.