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Reflection on Mad at School

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TW // suicide, discrimination, ableism

One aspect of this reading that profoundly resonated with me was when Price discussed how mental illnesses and the way the health system works essenntially works against those that need it most to the point where it is nearly impossible to get the help needed for said conditons. On the one hand, there is an expectation with illness that one should get better and that one needs to essentially prove they are unhealthy enough to seak care. Although disability is often something that is hidden, simultaneously necessarily becomes visable. Further, when one does have a problem, one needs to prove they are "disabled enough" to become validated both systematically and by peers. In Price's anecdote, she was unable to have insurance pay for her therapy unless she attempted suicide, which is abhorent that she needed to get significantly worse to the point of near death in order for insurance to think she was in need of care enough. At the same time, it is clear that it would be significantly better if instead the insurance provided care to prevent gettign to that point. It is truly evident that insurance companies are out to make the most profit and not to benefit the health of indivdiuals. There are plenty of people who are in critical condition who are more scared of the price of an ambulance or their future care than the fact that they might die. It is because of these notions about healthcare, both by the insurance companies and by society, that plenty of people do not seek care because they either are scared of financial or social burden or feel they aren't "disabled enough." It is for these very reasons that I never got help for headaches or migraines until I was unable to function almost entirely. I simply accepted it as a part of life. I can imagine it's like this for a lot of people who don't realize there is a problem and also simply accept it.