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Question about Deaf Culture (maybe disability culture as well)

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One thing I thought about is the fact that the deaf community is extremely proud. However, my understanding about disability culture and disabled people is that it's not really something that is to be "proud of" but nethertheless should receive equal and excellent treatment regardless of disability. Why is deaf culture "proud" while disability culture is less so. 

Also I love the idea of deaf architecture. As a graphic designer, I think about all the time ways to make things more engaging that don't have to be. I think that all people would benefit from thinking about spaces that helps suit their needs. For example, as someone who gets migraines a lot, I would love for a future house of mine to have the bedroom next to the kitchen to avoid having to go up and down stairs (assuming the house was multifloored). I wish accessibility and ability to engage was thought about more when designing spaces, rather than the look or aesthetic.