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In my Home - reflection

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My reaction to the video In My Home by Cheryl Green was positive. I felt a growing feeling of sympathy for people with disabilities. The video was a short documentary about the lives of people living with disabilities who have had a change of environment and have started being accepted into society. The video features various disabled people who share their new environment's experiences compared to the places they used to live in before. Most of the disabled appreciate their new home; one of the ladies says she loves the new home compared to the previous foster home where she used to live. She explains how much freedom she has found in her new home compared to the suffering that she underwent in her previous foster home for the elderly.

The film's central theme is the newfound happiness disabled people have. They explain how happy they are in the new place, the new relationships they have with people; some of them falling in love and having as much freedom as an average person would have. Watching the film has led me to think more of the disabled people in my society, especially those locked away. It has inspired a sense of appreciating the disabled people in the community and giving them a chance to enjoy happiness, love, and freedom with other people.

From this film, I have learned of the suffering of disabled people and how their lives can be made much fun. The director of the film is credible. The scenes seem to be real, and therefore, the film exposes the viewers to the world of disabled people. From this material, I have learned the importance of being mindful of the well-being of disabled people.