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Midterm Project: Disability and the Outdoors

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Hi!  I made a website for my midsemester project so I attached the link below.  I hope you like it and find it interesting. :)


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I think it is really interesting how we both chose to talk about the intersections between disability studies and the environment! I really like how you formatted your project as a series of blog posts. I had always thought wilderness therapy was an interesting concept, and I really enjoyed your blog post describing your interview with Greg. I find it interesting how the outdoors can be both physically and mentally challenging yet relaxing at the same time. It is disappointing that there aren't more backpacking/hiking/camping programs for disabled youth. I think I have always been drawn to nature because it is somewhere that I feel at peace. Shinrin-yoku, which translates to "forest bathing" or "taking in the forest atmosphere," was developed in Japan and is a form of forest meditation with various cited benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Especially in medical and institutional settings, those with disabilities are so often deprived of nature and the outdoors. Many disabled individuals are also economically disadvantaged and likely do not live in places where it is healthy to go outdoors or where the outdoors are easily accessible. It would seem as if the outdoors should be freely accessible to everyone--just walk out the door--but it is definitely not that simple, and there are so many privileges that come along with being able to enjoy the outdoors. I'm grateful that I have access to outdoor spaces, and more needs to be done to make the outdoors more accessible for all.


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Gabi, I absolutely loved reading your blog posts! The topic of accessibility in the outdoors is often overlooked. We tend to forget how beautiful and peaceful the outdoors are, and everyone should have the right and accessibility to experience nature's beauty. I admire how you also made a personal post to talk about your own experiences and thoughts on the matter.