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Interesting article about making Hollywood accessible

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I recommend that y'all read this article from the Los Angeles Times about Eryn Brown, a talent manager at Management 360. She speaks on her experiences in Hollywood as a disabled person and the humiliation of attending physically inaccessible awards ceremonies. She represents Nicole Newnham, the co-writer and co-director of Crip Camp. The article includes some quotes from Newnham and from Jim LeBrecht about disability inclusion in Hollywood.

There are also some interesting quotes from Kaitlyn Yang, the CEO of Alpha Studios and an on-set visual effects supervisor. One that has stuck with me since reading the article is: “When people think about making sets accessible, I don’t know if they’re thinking about tearing down the entire building or rebuilding it. It’s never that... Especially for film productions, we’re so used to making multiples of everything. If we can have multiples of the Millennium Falcon built to scale, we can definitely have two ramps.”