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Disability and Health

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Despite all this about disability, we must keep in mind that disabled people should not be considered less capable than other humans. All the more, disabled people must be treated as equal and fair as any other average human would be treated despite their difference with other people. Treating people with disabilities in a normal way similar to normal humans helps them understand this in a better way and raises their confidence level compared to it they were sidelined. Besides loving spending money on luxuries blindly, we can consider spending just a fraction of our income in providing better services to the disabled members of society. It is also a good gesture if you consider dedicating some of your time, especially free time, to institutions that help needy people. If you are a very busy person, or rather all of your time is occupied, providing monetary help is the least of things you can do to help the disabled members of the public.

In the religious context, any individual who dedicates their time to help the needy is a blessed person. Assisting people with disabilities is similar to serving God because he has graced you with the capability to help them form a better position. Having the ability to conduct our daily activities better puts us in a position to support those who cannot do what we can do. Both voluntary and monetary help is needed to make the lives of disabled people better. The happiness one derives from helping disabled people is much more than that which one feels when they are successful enough to curve their names in different fields of life positively.



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