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Deaf Culture

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 After watching the deaf jam, I acquired so much more new knowledge about deaf culture. I concluded that deaf culture is a network of interconnection created by a group of deaf people moving away from each other to keep in touch with one another. My understanding was expanded on the various modalities that deaf people use in communication as a result of watching the film. The idea of ASL being a means of communication for deaf people was a message that led to me having a second thought on my conclusions that were preconceived on the things that can be communicated and not be communicated eloquently. It helped me realize how much ASL evolves just like any other language.

The documentary made a crucial distinction, especially for those new to the distinct culture that deaf people have and a language. The importance of ASL recognition as a culture separate from other cultures with a unique origin and syntax of the language is highlighted through the slam poem writing by the students and deepening into the deaf culture history during the workshop for storytelling. There is also a deep illustration of artistic and deep cultural elements, which shine when as the students play with sign meanings to highlight further self-expression. From this, we are able to identify the abilities of those people we think are different from the rest of us.

The film excellently does the advocation for acknowledgment of deaf people in society. This is evident from the poems that are brilliantly written and performed by students and also through the challenges and difficulties they face in their daily lives. I think the film was well acted and its aim of presenting the lives of the deaf was a success.