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Comment on rewriting the Old Disability Script

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I found the article on Rewriting the Old Disability Script intriguing. The author, Nicola Griffith explains the flow of emotional flow from childhood to adulthood that captures the readers' attention. The author has outlined her emotional transition clearly and easily to understand; thus, the reader acquires clear insight into the matter under the scope. She has explained how she first started feeling about people of her gender, how the public viewed such feelings, and how she grew the scorn of the society until she brought out a voice for queers. This article has changed my opinion about queers from scornful to appreciative as now it has helped me understand how different people interpret their feelings differently.

After reading this article, the only unresolved question is how did the author learn to publicly show her emotional attraction to her fellow females without being trampled under the public's scorn? I want to know how she learned to cope with society's watchful eye without being ashamed of her sexual position. Before I encountered this article, I had never read any other writing piece in which the author fearlessly hangs her sexuality to their readers. I had never read an article that gave insight into such privacy.