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Zoe's Midterm Project

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For my midterm project, I created a "picture book" called "From existence to resistance: critical disability studies." Because I couldn't turn in the physical book, I scanned the pages and put them in a powerpoint. I also included my interpretations of each page as a text file. Please forgive my spelling mistakes (pen isn't very forgiving :( )


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I think I remember you saying that you’re not an artist, but I completely disagree. This book is a beautiful artistic masterpiece! I love the way your project explores so many different form of artistic expression. It presents an undeniably accessible narrative on Disability Studies and embodies Universal Design. I was particularly stuck by your recreation of “Dance I”. I am not well versed in art, but I thought your painting looked familiar when I first saw it. You and Matisse depict connection, both physical and emotional. With all of the subject’s arms stretching, the distinctions between people (race and ability) seems to disappear. I love the way you use this image to challenge notions of disability and show that all people can exist together in society.

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I think the book was absolutely beautiful. I love all the work that you did with it. I loved the attention to detail such as the use of a tablet when quoting Harriet McBryde Johnson to symoblize the dependence on technology. I think a page that particularly stuck out to me was the one titled "What is wrong with Society?" That is a question that I always ask myself, especially on days we have class, and that page does a great job in just scratching the surface of such a bigger wide spread issue. I also enjoyed how you ended the book with talking about ways that the neurotypical and neurodiverse community can live together in unity and establish a substanial connection.