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What is disability culture?

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Here are a some quotes from the readings that helped define disabity culture for me 

"I do not think that disabily culture is something that comes 'naturally' to people identified or identifying as disabled. And I do not think that disability culutre is close to non-disabled allies" (Kuppers, 4) 

"Try to undo the history of exclusions that many of its members have experiences when they have heard or felt 'you shouldn't be like this'" (Kuppers, 5)

"wishes to shape a more accesible and respectiful world for all of us" (Kuppers, 6)

"more like a process than a state" (Kuppers, 11)

"prizes physical and mental difference as a significant value in itself. It does not embrace an aesthetic taste that defines harmony, bodily integrity, and health as standards of beauty. Nor does it support the aversion to diability required by traditional conceptions of human or social perfection." 

"it drives forward the appreciation of disability found throughout modern art by raising an objection to aesthetic standards and tastes that exclude people with disabilities" 

 I believe that disability culture is not just one thing, but an inclusive movement to appreciate difference.