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Grace Caterine - Midterm - Ableist Restrictions in Capitalism: An Exploration of Inspiration Porn

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Here is my midterm project! It includes the main powerpoint, an audio commentary file, and a main ideas transcript of the audio commentary (I'm an improviser, so I added additional points to the audio commentary as I went along, but the main important ones are on the transcript). The audio file will be emailed to everyone. Thank you!


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Hi Grace,


I love the way you incorporate your English expertise into the critical analysis of the inspiration porn. There are lots of in-depth analyses of specific terms and the images, such as the distinction between ‘you/audience (able-bodied)’ and ‘object of inspiration(disable-bodied)’, the lack of eye contact between the person pictured in the image with the audience and usage of children as the center of the images. I also like the part where you incorporate the capitalist economic structure of spending and investment to analyze several themes in the inspiration porn.


Moreover, I love the way you structure the whole presentation. You start the presentation with your personal story of an unpleasant encounter in Barcelona, making the audience realize that ‘inspiration porn’ is not something that is very distance away from us but instead a very prevalent issue. Then you categorize and analyze the inspiration porn themes in depth but also pay attention to including counter-examples. Lastly, you end the presentation with hopeful notes and perspectives on how to improve the current scenario.


            At the end, I just want to say that I really enjoy reading both your powerpoint and the transcript and I learn a lot from them. I also love your presentation in class. Thanks, Grace! :)