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A Fierce Kind of Love

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I had an overall positive reaction to A Fierce Kind of Love, but was also left with a few questions. Although the play covered some difficult topics, there were some parts that I could see brought a lot of joy to the people in the play and the audience, which I enjoyed. I liked the way they integrated song, dance, and acting to get their message across to the audience. The one thing that struck me most was that the stories about the activist movement were from the perspectives of supporters of people with intellectual disabilities, but not the people with intellectual disabilities themselves. I am wondering why they made that choice and the process that went into determining that. I was really interested in the process of creating this play and who was involved in writing it and deciding about the content of the play. I think if I had this kind of context I would have thought about the play in a different way and would be able to understand some of the creative choices they made more fully. I did enjoy the play, I learned about the history they highlighted and it was interesting to see a mixed ability cast, something I haven't encountered before.