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disability art

Miriam's picture

After thinking about our discussion last week about disability art and aesthetics, I wanted to share 2 pieces of art made by my friend Sabrina Epstein.

I attached a picture of Sabrina standing next to the two pieces of art and I'm also including a more closeup image of one of them.

From Sabrina: "I made these two pieces of art (top 2) about my disability. The top one is titled “An Expensive Petri Dish” & contains a collage of medical bills and bandage wrappers. The piece on canvas is titled “Almost,” about almost feeling comfortable being disabled."



Kristin's picture

Wow, these are beautiful, and they definitely incorporate a disability aesthetic as I imagine it. I love the collage of medical bills and bandage wrappers juxtaposed with a self-portrait framed by images of cells. I hope Sabrina keeps making art!