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Final Project: PLEASE TOUCH THE ART: an anti-aesthetic project

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Hi all! I hope your semesters are wrapping up well. For my final project, I am hosting an exhibition titled PLEASE TOUCH THE ART: an anti-aesthetic prohject in VCAM's Maker Space 006 (downstairs) from Monday 5/14 through Monday 5/21. There will be a small opening reception where I can answer questions, discuss works, and more on Monday 5/14 from 2-3 p.m. The link to the Facebook event is here. All works are attached to this post (please let me know if you have issues viewing the works)! I hope you can stop by at some point in the next two weeks as these works are meant to be touched rather than seen. The sleep eye masks (that are still being finished today, there are 10 in total) will be pinned to the wall for visitors to put over their eyes if they so choose; this unique sensory experience allows the visitor to touch works before seeing them (if they are able to see them). 

There are two things not included in this post, which are still being finished. A large ~4 ft. sculpture that my partner and I made earlier this semester incorporates a fuzzy brown fabric which will be available to touch during the run of the exhibition - I am re-finishing the fabric patches this afternoon. I am also considering hanging a large sheet of white fabric with embroidery thread and needles for visitors to embroider their thoughts on the exhibit and practice this medium. I will likely leave pens for visitors who choose not to embroider but would still like to give feedback.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions - I'm really excited for installation tomorrow and the opening Monday!