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The Visual Component, Root 2

The Visual Component, Root 2

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Now I want to see what happens if I start a strand that doesn't lead off from Jody's original one...

I've been interested for a long time in category-making (and category-playing-and revising): I'm curious about the usefulness and limitations of the various "boxes" we create to discriminate, position ourselves, create insides and outsides, make sense of the world...and it just occurred to me that all the work we've been doing here re: categories of responding (currently: clarifying, supporting, complexifying, weaving, challenging, unspecified) is The other night, my husband and I were discussing a work of art that hangs in our dining room, Ava Blitz's manipulated photograph, "Drunken Oak," and he said that it was a simplification, not a complexification, of the oak itself. Below find (turned sideways, Ann--still a puzzle?) an oak in the woods behind our farm house, Ava's rendition of an oak, and the oak itself close up. Which is the simplification, which the complexification?  And if we vote differently, what has happened to this distinction that we are offering?

Also, just saying: as a further--um, complexification? simplification?--all of them, as photographs, are themselves second-order representations...


of course (given the query this steps off from) i don't know if this is a clarification (=simplification?) or complexification, but really, i'm just trying to get my comments onto the display....








maybe (given these visuals) we don't actually need the "relation of this post" option any more?
because these relations are too simple/not adequate....? and what we're really trying to show is
what the diagram shows, i.e. what connects to what?



i'm liking the way i i can turn the tree to the right--which duplicates the original experimental post format, but it seems much more dynamic...

what puzzles me is where/how would folks find this visualization? and there's that scary moment when you create a post but it's not made visual because nobody's responded to it...

(now THAT's deep!)