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the visual component

the visual component

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ah this has intriguing learning possibilities!  raises questions about how our perceptual processing works and i'm guessing will be intuitive and enticing for some folks just to see the arrangement of ideas in this way.  the arrangement is like doing a web on old-fashioned blackboard (i remember when this was itself a big discovery for teachers, jsut the non-linear thing) but this thing about treating the screen as a 'canvas' and moving things around - so cool!  kind of like photoshopping text...  ok, just getting us started on playing with this...




i agree (wanted to "support," but that option seems not available here yet....?)


I certainly like this idea of the webby post! I especially like the fact that users can choose which way they want the tree to "grow," since different people conceptualize these things different so for one person it might make sense to grow down while another may like to visualize things left to right. 

(I'm not sure this is really complexifying, I just wanted to play around by adding a new relation that hadn't been chosen yet!) 




i'm having some trouble figuring out how to navigate this...
the current page (jody's post) is missing the invitation
we have on the experimental posts to
"formulate a response"...
so i'm trying it this-a-way....
also not sure (from ann's diagram/visualization)
whether what i'm doing is a webby post 1a or a webby post 2...
it certainly feels like a "choose your own adventure"!