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trying out a new thread

trying out a new thread

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This webby post is in the "dis/placement" category....


so i'm just trying to visualize what would happen if we had a couple different classes going here...




a couple of questions this is raising for me: 

first, if i want to respond to 'clarifying' post which was in response to initial 'trying out a new thread post,' that clarifying is distinguished from others by its node number, i think... but it's too much back-and-forth to get that, so decided instead to just respond to the original post.

and i'm not clear about the different threads for different classes issue.  in studio, you went to your class and saw those conversations, but here in oneworld how does that work? 






also, this webby conversation does seem to be public (forgot to login first so discovered this), though we meant for it to be private...