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"Too Jet to be Plane"

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Today I leave for Philly to get ready to go on what I know will be an amazing trip abroad. This will be my first time out of the country and although I am a bit nervous for the challenges that may await, I am also excited for all the experiences that lie ahead. I have finally finishsed packing with a shocking 2 luggage  and 2 carry-on ensemble, quite surprising for my usual struggle to pack this light for a trip of way less than 10 weeks (I hope i didnt forget anything!). I've made most of my goodbye calls to family and friends to let them know I'll be away most of the summer, said goodbye to Twitter and Facebook and am ready to learn, grow, teach, laugh, dance, cry, smile and delve fully into this expereince which I know will teach me a lot about others as well as myself. I know I have a diverse and intelligent group of fellows that can help me continue to learn and grow, which they have already done within the few times we have met. I am excited to meet and work with the children at the Tityga school, and learn a new language, and be apart of  a new culture.

But what I am hoping most to do, as of now, when I get back is to dismantle the stereotypes about "Africa" not a country but a whole diverse contienent. The other day I had interactions with two different individuals who thought I was going to be living in a hut with people who carry spears. I was very dismayed that these are the types of images people still hold about "Africa". I hope to educate those and show them that it is not what they think, and change the mindset, images and stereotypes that linger and hurt African countires and communities and U.S. communities as well.