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Packing for Dalun!

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It's four days until I leave for Ghana, and I'm just beginning to form a packing list. 



plug adaptor D/G






water bottle

pens and balloons


dagbani phrases

pay credit card bill before leaving

call wells fargo


greeting cards

bed sheets/towel


As I conducted research for this list, I realize that I never intuitively thought I would need items such as a flashlight. Obviously in Dalun, when the sun sets, all the lights go out. I've never been in a place without electricical street lights, so I'm just beginning to realize how different my life will be once I'm in Dalun. Pens and other writing utensils were other items that I initially didn't think to pack. I read that these items will be difficult to locate in the rural parts of Ghana, so I'll be sure to bring lots of pens and markers with me on my trip. I'll have to find some way of remembering to pack all of these items that I take for granted. And yet, I'm also excited to discover and buy new Ghanaian items that I don't have access to in the US. 

Within the past two weeks, I've had to entertain dozens of questions from others regarding my upcoming trip abroad. Answering so many questions from worried/curious family members and friends has made me much more relaxed about my upcoming trip. I guess I've become really comfortable with the idea of traveling to a totally different place for ten weeks, but I also know that it's impossible for me to be totally prepared for what will happen. I know that if I attempt to prepare myself too much for my trip abroad, I might risk forming harmful preconceived notions about the Dalun community. I hope to do everything I can to prepare myself for the journey, but to also expect and welcome surprises.