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My project involves the idea or problem of how one can decide if the materials found on the web are "truth or fiction", useful or dangerous. The web can be a wonderful source of information as well as comunication. The problem is some of that information is taken as fact at face value. In my search for information for a talk on "successful aging", or how to maximize your health, fitness, and fullfilment, I came across the SENS website. In the process of evaluating these ideas I searched for supporting and opposing views. In my mind if others took it seriously, then I felt better about the merit of its contents.

I have provided a list of links to use as a set of observations to help me in the process of making a story about the usefulness of this websit(exhibit). You may decide for yourself by visiting these links, and coming to your own set of observations and conclusions(Stories), if you choose the challenge.

PLEASE VISIT Website in question exhibit

"This website contains detailed descriptions of the components of the SENS strategy, all of which are likely to be feasible in mice' within a decad'e (presuming adequate funding), and may be translatable to humans within a decade or two thereafter."

Initially these words sounded so fantastic to me, I wasn't certain this was a real scientific site, based on accepted knowledge, and worthy of serious consideration. Is there really a movement to repair celluar damage to prevent aging?

The following links were my "yellow brick road" to my discovery

useful back up link

opposing views

critical link

interesting site

Life Extention

Magizine Links to Aubrey de Grey

If you want my opinion

What websites have you discovered in your research(surfing) that led you to the same dilemma?

If you want to see some practical suggestions on health and wellness in relation to aging click