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Intro to Me

This is an introduction to me...

... I teach middle school physical science/chemistry to 13 year-old girls. I hope they graduate from my classroom with the belief that THEY are each scientists and the confid ence to ask questions of the world that surrounds them.

... I teach Environmental Science to 18 year-old young women. I hope they graduate with the understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical, chemical, biological, political and social worlds and the knowledge to make educated decisions in the voting booth.

... The first day teaching a group of high school students was the first day I realized my purpose. (They will really pay me to talk about science to kids???!!!!)

... I work with an amazing group of highly intelligent, compassionate and entergetic men and women who inspire me on a daily basis.

... I am newly engaged to the most fabulous man EVER!

... Since the beginning of my teaching career (6 years ago) I have never once woken and dreaded going to work. This makes me feel fortunate.

... I am passionate about outdoor adventure, from hiking and mountain biking to kayaking and surfing.

... I can lose myself in the kitchen. It's a good thing.

... Knitting allows me to sit still. For a while.

... I hope that our society, from the global community to local neighborhoods, can join forces, recognize and celebrate differences and use our combined energy to find a sustainable methods of living.

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