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interactive vs unfinished

interactive vs unfinished

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interesting article!  and was very aware as reading it that i'm really just on the edge of even thinking about all this, and don't know a lot of the particulars named here as examples of how folks/internet are moving beyond 'nowness' as a solo or controlling value.  it really makes sense to me that there can and should be these different levels or modes - rather than a single dominant mode - such a contextual, shifting way to think about it.  so given this, interactivity does seem (strangely!) slow and linear even if in a bi-directional way, whereas unfinishedness doesn't specify or assume anything about the process itself, leaving open discovery in any direction...  i also like that way of talking about it because it connects with the thinking of radical educator paulo freire, who talks about 'unfinishedness' as being human, as intervening in history ie transforming the world, and as being always in the act of learning and becoming.

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