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I was right. It IS all about me.

So here's my opportunity to be completely all about me.

This is me.

Here's something about me.

I like sea turtles. Especially loggerhead sea turtles. Each year I spend a week monitoring loggerhead turtle nests.

This is made possible through The Caretta Research Project. Since 1973, the Caretta Research Project has been a hands-on research and conservation program dedicated to protecting the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Caretta caretta.

The project's goals are:

1. To learn more about the population levels and trends/nesting habits of loggerhead turtles

2. To enhance survival of eggs and hatchlings on a nesting beach, and

.                                                                         3. To involve people in turtle preservation.

2006 will be my third summer doing this. In past, I have timed my visit so that I can monitor the nesting females in July. This summer, I would like to help with hatchlings, so I am going in early August.


  • Only one or two out of a hundred loggerhead turtles survives its first year.
  • When hatchlings emerge from the nest, it's called a "boil" because that's what it looks like they are doing, "Boiling" up out of the nest.
  • Up until relatively recently, no one knew where loggerhead turtles went when they were through nesting. By identifying seaweed, called sargassum, stuck to a nesting female's flipper, scientists determined that the turtles swim to the Sargasso Sea in the Caribbean.

This is fascinating stuff, I know. I'm going to change the subject now from turtles to birds, because I am currently creating a unit about Birds for my first, second and third graders.