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Human Deformity/Science As Storytelling

Deformity -An affliction in which some part of the body is misshapen or malformed.

Even though we are all different, we are all the same. We as human beings share many things in common. What might some of those things be? But, many times we are not physically the same as others. Sometimes something physical, emotional or mental, makes us vastly different from others.
1. How do you think these girls are similar and different? Both girls are A students.

Physical deformity can be caused by many things such as birth defects, disease, and accidents.

What do you these boys have in common? What story can you tell about these two kids in relation to their parents? How are they like you?

Which one of these girls would you choose to be your friend? Why?

Can you tell one of them has a deformed heart?

This page is to illustrate the various physical differences in humans. Some physical differences we can see, and some we cant. Why is it that we tend to look at the physical being instead of what is inside a persons heart? How can we change this within ourselves?

This page should bring forth oral and written discussion for the classroom as well as give each student a chance to tell his or her story about what deformity means to them. Also, this page can be interchangeable with other subjects about the physical differences in people.

We must remember that deformity can be self-inflicted.