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feeling boxed in....

feeling boxed in....

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from where i sit, we either need more/better categories or fewer ones (=none).
what we have now really doesn't work for me--
i can't ever figure out what box i'm supposed to be putting myself in!

What Post are you responding to?
Relation of this post to Related Post: 


ann apologized for "screwing up the categories,"
but it was actually noticing that
the "formulate a response" options--
clarifying, supporting, complexifying, weaving, challenging, unspecified--
didn't match the pull-down menu for "Relation of this post to Related Post"--
agrees, challenges, clarifies, complexifies, weaving--
which made me realize that these response/relation options really weren't working (for me).






well, this conversation was quite awhile ago and i'm just finding it now (!) - it occurred while i was gone, and somehow i'd just missed that it was here.  anyway, i'm of several minds about this categorical question (of course):  i think the idea first appealed to me in thinking about our esem, and for first-year students this could be a cool way to scaffold and make visible the range of ways to respond/enter into a conversation, which would in turn be helpful in thinking about juxtaposing and building ideas in writing.  then thought: oh it could be useful this way for other students...and