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Feathers, Fur, Skin, and Scales


All of the animals of the world have some kind of body covering.

Some things have feathers, some have fur or hair, some have skin, and some have scales.

Think of examples of animals with fur or hair, or feathers, or skin, or scales.

Use the photos and cards on your desk to find an animal with feathers, one with fur or hair, one with skin, and one with scales.

Are there any cards with animals who have feathers and scales, or fur and skin? Make a separate place for those.

Let's share our stories about what we observed in the circle.

Why do you think animals have body coverings?


Birds have feathers. Feathers are a characteristic of being a bird. A characteristic is something that an animal has.

On your desk are two things: a piece of fur and a feather.

Compare the fur and the feather.

What do you see? Are there things about each that are the same? Different?

Let's share our stories about what we have observed in the circle.

If you finish early, click here to see some photos of birds.

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